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Electronic control devices

Customers protection of excessive invoices of liquids such as of water, gasoline,
fuel oil etc. with respect to quality and quantity.
------------------------------------ Mobile Ticket and receipt printer (mobile cash-box)

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Air bubbles detector
The air bubbles detector establishes the existence of air in streaming liquids by metal pipes (e.g. on the fuel oil delivery) and activate alarm !!!

Electronic liquids counter (Flow meter)
You check the water consumption in your apartment or home with your own electronic counter, with precision on a look and without convert.

P. S. It measures a very large number of liquids.

Digital controller of mixed liquids
The mixtures controller checks the density/ compressibility of liquids, such as gasoline, diesel etc. and show the deviation of the set point digitally in %.

Mobile Ticket and receipt printer
The Ticket and receipt printer is suitable where tickets and receipts are needed. e.g. markets, busses, taxis etc.


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